Linden Technologies, Inc. was founded in the early 1990s, serving mortgage consumers by offering a bi-weekly autodraft program that dramatically decreased the costs of their loans. Our willingness to work with business of all sizes and industries soon found us creating software for other industries, such as rural utilities, insurance companies, and school districts.

We have created custom software solutions for organizations and their industries that draw on our expertise in payment processing, website design and usability, and hosting secure, integrated solutions. With our ability to achieve a deep understanding of business processes and of an industry's encompassing framework of rules, regulations and requirements, we have been able to help many organizations with their software needs.

Today, we continue to serve new businesses and industries by building solutions that free our partners to focus on their core expertise and build on their competitive advantages.

“If you have a problem, then we consider it our problem. The buck stops right here when you need support.”

- Rick Herrera
  Director of Sales & Marketing

“For me, the look on someone's face when they realize they can start focusing on the part of their job they love - that's success.”

- Mark Munson
  Director of IT & Programming

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